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The Gloves Come Off - 9 Dec 2009

Hello all.

Our third day as a family saw Elyssa throw her first big demper tantrum, or BF as Chris and Sheila refer to it. We had just finished breakfast and went to Wal Mart to purchase some baby clothes since all the stuff we brought was actually too big for her. As Nancy and I went through the store in search of some items for Elyssa, little did we know that terror lurked in the not too distant future. As we were in the checkout line, Elyssa became a little despondent as she was getting a little hungry and didn't see Mommy or Daddy getting any grub ready. Her displeasure started as a small whimper but quickly built to a crescendo as Brian quickly got her out of the shopping cart, collected the stroller, and made a beeline towards the exit. Once Brian reached the exit, there was no end to the back arching, screaming, and crying. Everyday Chinese folk were either displeased or very entertained as told by the crowd gathered around. Nancy eventually made it outside where the new sippy cup was unceremoniously unwrapped and put to good use. Lesson learned, never leave the scene of the crime without a sippy cup and some crackers! The remainder of the third day was fairly uneventful as we all walked to a local ex-pat restaurant that had excellent pesto and burritos. Unfortunately, no high chairs to be found. The owner, a North American, stated that he had never thought about getting one, and should. Not many young'uns in this place it seems.

After another GREAT night of sleep, we went to the local Zoo here in Kunming. We should have paid attention to the reviews on-line. What a sad state the animals were in! Some of the monkeys were in dirty cages the size of pet carriers! There were chained up elephants and big cats and bears with nothing to see in their lives but a 20 foot concrete and glass enclosure. It seems that the Safari Park north of town is the place we should have visited. We may go there tomorrow.

Upon returning to the hotel, Elyssa took a nap and Mommy and Daddy had some lunch from room service. We then hit the playground, a late dinner, and got the little on off to bed. Elyssa still does not like here baths. Nancy made a bubble bath tonight and it seems that Elyssa hated the bubbles on her hands. Too funny... this girl always wants clean hands.

We are off to visit the orphanage tomorrow morning. This may not be a good idea for the kids, but our guide seems to think that it's been long enough for Elyssa to not be hurt by the return. We'd hate for her to think we were trading her in!

As always, stay tuned for more updates.

The Forns

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