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Meet Elyssa Li - 6 Dec 2009

Hello Family and Friends!

The day at long last arrived and what a wonderful day it was! Nancy and I finally brought home our precious little girl from the beautiful city of Kunming. The day started with us in Beijing for the second time in as many years. We flew out this morning at 1100 and arrived in Kunming after a three hour flight. An hour after checking in our hotel, we drove to the orphanage to get Elyssa. When we walked into the building where they had the children, we immediately saw Elyssa playing in a crib. She gave us a glance and then kept quietly playing with a piece of paper. I am sure it was some bureaucratic form that she found on a counter somewhere. I hope she knew it was one of the awful forms that made this process take so blessed long! Anywho, we had to go to the other side of the room in order to give the staff a chance to do what it is they do.

After bring her over to us, the very first thing Elyssa did was, you guessed it, cry. Well, she really wasn't sure about these strange looking people who just wanted nothing more than give her hugs and kisses. Brian actually saved the day by showing her some photos on his camera. She was happy to look at all the old shots of dogs, family, and a recent trip to Vancouver, BC. After about twenty or thirty minutes of looking at the camera and playing with a toy phone we brought for her, she promptly passed out on Nancy. Brian had to complete some paperwork that Nancy promised she would complete. Nancy had a pretty darn cute excuse though since Elyssa had her pinned in that chair!

After about an hour or so at the orphanage, the Forns and the other family traveling with us, the Meyers from Silverton, Oregon, hopped back on the short bus for the ride back to the hotel. Daddy happily obliged as Elyssa's "wooby." She looked like she was sleeping to everyone but Brian who could see that she looked out at the passing people and cars the entire drive back. Upon reaching the hotel, we realized it was the baby's dinner time. Brian was really worried about Nancy since she was getting really cranky from hunger. We walked across the street with Elyssa in tow and had a fun meal. We have discovered that Elyssa can feed herself, is very adept at using a spoon and fork, and loves pretty much all food. She even cracked a smile for the first time after having a few bites of food!

After dinner, the clan took a journey to the local Wal Mart. Yes, an actual Wal Mart right here in South Central! Of course all the products are Chinese. "Is that baby formula or gunpowder honey?" Gail, you've been to Korea, I know you know what we're talking about. Elyssa was a champ! She was all eyes walking through town to the store. She even got to try some samples in the store. We ended up getting some formula, some sort of fruit jello mold, a bowl, and a spoon (which we think Brian left in the store),

Upon reaching the hotel, we got Elyssa ready for bed. She cried in the tub, but it was more a "just making noise to let you know I'm not happy with current developments" type of cry than a "I will keep this up all night if you don't get me dry" cry. Elyssa then got her little PJs on and sat with daddy for a few moments watching a Chinese video. She didn't fuss when she was placed in the crib next to the bed and is at this minute snoozing away. I think this kid could sleep through a hockey game. Growing up around all the other kids can have its advantages!

Truth be told, we couldn't have scripted a better day. Our daughter is an amazing little girl who seems to be warming to us very rapidly. I can't wait for everyone to meet her!

Hope all is well. We'll post more tomorrow.

Brian, Nancy & Elyssa Li Forn

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