Friday, February 5, 2010

A Great Day

Nei Hao Everyone!

So, we were all pretty tired from an exciting day yesterday. Nancy and I both kind of felt like we were baby sitting this little girl. However, after dealing with a fit during dinner and bath time, we know she's ours now!

We had to get off to an early start this morning in order to get Elyssa her Chinese Passport. So, we woke up at 6 AM to great the day ahead. Well, actually, daddy and baby woke up with the alarm whilst mommy had trouble sleeping due to a cold. Our little girl slept so well last night. Just before the alarm went off, she raised her head just to see what was up. Daddy grabbed her and threw her into bed with him for another 20 minutes or so. Then it was time to get dressed for breakfast. Let me tell you something, Nancy and Elyssa both LOVE their clothes. You could say that they are cut from the same cloth... The little one loves to get dressed to hit the town, or the buffet in this case.

At breakfast, Elyssa continued to feed herself, with a little assistance. She had some congee (which is a sort of rice porridge), eggs, bacon, and croissant. We had to cut breakfast a little short in order to get on the bus for the paperwork meetings.

We went back to the same place we met Elyssa to fill out yet another few forms. These were for her Chinese passport this time. The Chinese notaries were there to stamp everything. Elyssa even had to sign... with her foot! She didn't mind all that much. But she does NOT like her clothes removed. However, when she saw the red ink pad that she was going to be stepping in, she didn't mind all that much.

Upon completing our paperwork, we were off to the local police station to apply for her passport. There was a nice little park area outside the station where we all hung out until it was Elyssa's time to get her photo taken. Let me tell you, getting these kids to pose, just so, for an official photo is an adventure. Some Danish folks with their babies had to play like they were Jim Henson muppeteering Kermit the Frog to get these kids to show both eyes, one ear, and no other person in the shot. Hand up the back of the sweater seemed to be the method of choice. Elyssa however was not cooperating at all. The photographer was patient with us, although I could tell he was all, "great, another kid... they don't pay me enough yuon for this." Amazingly, the dude snapped an acceptable portrait in mid whimper and we were on the way upstairs to complete the application. This involved yet another, yet not as formal, photo. Daddy had to sit Elyssa on his lap for this one.

Formalities complete, the gang headed back to the hotel for a much deserved lunch and a nap. Elssya and Daddy took a two hour nap while Mommy watched a movie. We were then off on a walk around the beautiful Green Lake Park right next to our Hotel, the Grand Park Kunming. There were people, ducks, and plenty of sights for our little explorer. I tell you, if we had a dollar for the second looks we get walking around with Elyssa... I guess we do stand out a bit. The folks here just don't hide their curiosity at all. Funny.

Following the walk, we had dinner, where Elyssa threw a little fit just as the food arrived. Daddy took outside to let her cool off. Funniest thing happened, and I am forever in debt to the restaurant hostess. Elyssa let the hostess pick her up where she immediately stopped crying, chewed the food that was squirreled away in her cheeks, and let Daddy take her back to the table. She was content for the rest of the meal. She even learned the sign for more. Once Nancy taught her that sign, she used it to get more crackers until Mommy cut her off.

Again, getting this kid out of her clothes is tragic. She howled with terror as each item of clothing was removed for bathtime. It didn't matter whether it was a jacket, a sweater, or a sock. She was very displeased. Following the bath, she returned to her calm self as she watched her videos we bought for her in Beijing. Nancy and I now know a few Chinese children's songs. We even know our ABCs!

All is now peaceful and we have three free days to look forward to. We may hit the zoo tomorrow. We hear that they have four Pandas that you can actually see, unlike the stealth pandas at the San Diego Zoo.


The Forns

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