Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Day in Guangzhou - 18 Dec 2009

Hello all. This will be our last email entry while in China. Many of you have told us that you've enjoyed following along on our journey to add little Elyssa Li to the Forn Family. Sorry we filled up your in-box with all the pictures!

The last few days have been filled with shopping for children's clothing and toys. Elyssa has really been a trooper as Mommy was her usual shopping self. Nancy got a few more outfits today to include shoes, socks, etc. As long as Elyssa has a toy to play with, she doesn't seem to mind hanging out with Mommy at all. Watch out LA malls, here they come! Too bad Nancy can't bargain on the prices back home. She will threaten to walk out of a shop if she can't get that 5 yuan (less than $1) discount!

We got Elyssa's visa to enter the USA today. That was the last major milestone in this journey to bring home our little princess! We all went to the US Consulate yesterday to take an oath and apply for Elyssa's visa. The trip was very eventful. As soon as we boarded the bus to go to the consulate, we realized that our little girl left us an unwanted package... if you know what I mean. As soon as we arrived at the office building housing the consulate, Brian had to change our little girl in the men's room. Elyssa was, from that point on, in her worst mood of the trip. She howled and was inconsolable for the better part of 30 minutes until one of the other mother's offered us a lollypop. We then remembered that we had lollypops, or crack for kids as we like to call them, in our bag. Elyssa eventually calmed down and slept the entire way back to the hotel. While at the consulate, we took a little oath that officially made Nancy and Brian Elyssa's parents!

We leave the hotel tomorrow morning at 6 AM for the ride to the airport. We then fly to Tokyo and then on to Los Angeles. Our bags are packed with snacks, toys, and diapers in anticipation of BFs (#@&$^ Fits), boredom, hunger, and diaper blowouts. Please wish us luck!

We arrive in LA on Saturday morning and say goodbye to Daddy on Sunday morning as he heads back to Iraq for nine long months.

Hope everyone is well. Thanks so much for your encouragement, love, and support.

Brian, Nancy, and Elyssa Li

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